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Chestnuthill Arabians is situated in the heart of horse capitol of the world, Ocala, Florida. The sunshine and breezy barn provides year round outdoor training. The Olympic sized covered arena shades the horses and people during those hot summer days. There are ample turnouts and several round pens. The Euro-sizer is a new feature that the staff and horses love. The ability to jog and cool several horses at once makes the work flow at Chestnuthill Arabians seamless. The immaculate barn is airy and 100% safe for all our horses. 26 stalls with immediate plans for expansion house some of the breeds most treasured horses.

We love visitors too, so please make an appointment to stop by the farm! We have an "open gate" policy at all times. Our staff love the horses and each horse has their own "person" that grooms and works with them daily. From the outside, Chestnuthill Arabians is more a horse haven than a number on a stall.


Born and raised in the Bronx borough of New York City, Joseph “Joe” R. Alberti II, was an only child, the son of a hard-working banker. Seeking serenity away from the city, Joe’s father acquired a small farm in Pennsylvania where the family would spend their weekends, and horses quickly became a slice of this part-time lifestyle. Joe looks back, “Actually, my passion for horses didn’t begin with our first horses. They were grade horses, calm and placid. Yes, we would ride out in the countryside and I enjoyed it, but I also remember thinking if my father loves this rural life so much, why does he only spend two days a week enjoying it? Then and there I knew I would create a life for myself that I would love seven days a week, not two!” The pieces of this life-making puzzle came together a bit later when Joe discovered Arabian horses. Joe recalls, “When we acquired our first Arabian horse (for $500!), my newfound passion for horses hit me like a ton of bricks! The Arabian breed has such a rich history, interwoven with humans for countless centuries. Arabian horses are so fancy, and flighty, yet intelligent, kind and calm. In the desert, these horses lived in the tent with their human families. What other breed of horse can attest to this?” 


During boyhood, Joe sought every book, magazine, movie and resource he could find to learn more about Arabian horses. At age 14, Joe knew training Arabian horses was his chosen career. 


The original Chestnuthill Arabians was established in Pennsylvania. Hard work and dedication led to national recognition, but Joe sought more. Moving southward in 2010 to work at Florida’s world renowned Rohara Arabians opened opportunities to broaden knowledge, experience and global exposure. 


Five years later, Joe returned back on his own, building a new Chestnuthill Arabians in the midst of Ocala, Florida, a world-class equine epicenter. Easily reached from Orlando and Tampa airports, the farm was thoughtfully created with lush pastures, dozens of large, luxurious stalls, a covered arena, a EuroXsizer, and breeding lab (the farm does its own collection and shipping). 


Chestnuthill provides state-of-the-art marketing services, skills Joe integrates and keeps current combined with wise horse knowledge. Overseas sales have further attracted global attention to Chestnuthill horses and their clientele. 


“Chestnuthill Arabians exhibits the crowning glory of a ’24/7 obsession,’” Joe acknowledges. “Horses create patience, and patience creates rich rewards in its journey. Over the years, this journey has given me great fortune to show multiple purebred and Half-Arabian horses to the winner’s circle multiple times over multiple years.” Joe’s gratification is directed not only to the many wins earned by horses such as Maghnus Z, Shaddofax, Shaddo Magniphied and ZA Magnumoiselle MTC, but equally so, to their love of their job. Joe elaborates further, “Downtime for our horses is huge in our operation. Pasture time at Chestnuthill is as important as the training program. Keeping our horses fresh keeps them well mannered. A consistent, clear training program cultivates and maintains confidence. Our horses know their job and love to perform.”


A tireless worker himself, Joe expects the same horse obsession from his staff. “I seek people who work for the love of the horse and will do anything for them. After all, that’s why we are all here.”


Skill in the show pen certainly attracts clients, but this isn’t the only factor. “I’m honest and I’m frank,” Joe is candid. “I will never tell a client their horse is great when it’s not, and I am good at knowing a horses’ ability. It’s so important to let the horse tell you what it wants to do. Horses are no different than humans, in that encouraging them to do what they love will make them successful. Our clientele is drawn to this.”

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