2016 US Nationals


Expectations SS

-National Champion Arabian Junior Gelding

-Top 10 Arabian Geldings AAOTH


Shaddo Magniphied

-National Champion Half-Arabian Geldings S/H 3 & Over

-Top 10 Half-Arabian Hunter Select AATR


Maghnus Z

-National Champion Half-Arabian Gelding AAOTH


Miracle of Marwan

-Top 10 Arabian Senior Stallion

-Top 10 Arabian Senior Stallion AAOTH


Sir Kempton AC

-Top 10 Arabian Senior Gelding

-Top 10 Arabian Gelding AAOTH


Mahadevi O

-Top 10 Arabian Mare AAOTH


PA Catniss

-Top 10 Arabian Junior Mare


Anduril of Rohan

-Top 10 Arabian Junior Stallion


Majik of Marwan

-Top 10 Arabian Senior Stallion

2016 Canadian Nationals


Shaddo Magniphied

-National Champion Half-Arabian Hunter Select AATR

-National Champion Half-Arabian S/H Geldings

-National Champion Half-Arabian S/H Geldings AAOTH


Miracle of Marwan

-Reserve National Champion Arabian Stallions AAOTH


Prince of Eden MM

-Top 10 Futurity Colts


Expectations SS

-Top 10 Arabian Geldings

-Top 10 Arabian Geldings AAOTH


Rohara Balenciaga

-Reserve National Champion Half-Arabian S/H Mares

Scottdale that's a WRAP!!!!!

8 horses:

15 Top Tens (7 3rds)

A Class Win and a Reserve Championship.

So proud of my horses, handlers, owners. In such a short time with horses that are just learning we are thrilled with our results. Thank you to all who have supported me, Cameron Brock & Megan Weiler you two are off the hook AMAZING!!! Rob Langlois thanks for all your help support and friendship. Stefanie Simonsen thanks for holding down the fort and in helping to make theses horses look AMAZING.

Another U.S. Nationals has come to a close. This one is special for sure. 9 horses:

2 National Championships, 1 Reserve National Champion, 1 class second Place, a 3rd place and a 4th place and 10 National Top Tens. I still can not believe that 6 months ago we purchased a farm, have shown at 2 Regionals, the inaugural Central Park Show and now the United States Nationals. I can not thank everyone who supports me and trust me with the care of their horses. Thank you so much for all the support